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The Gift of Me

Inspiration: Birthday gift
Affirmation: Fitness, Athleticism and Beauty

Images: Black & White

Eve and the Snake

Inspiration: Lack of Self-Belief
Exploration: The Feminine Duality of Innocence and Sexuality

Images: Color & toned

China Doll

Inspiration: Gift
Affirmation: Grace and Beauty

Images: Color

Pandora's Box

Inspiration: Twenty Years of Marriage
Exploration: Sensuous Movement and How to do a Strip Tease

Images: Black & White and Color

Enchanted by the Light

Inspiration: Christmas Gift
Affirmation: The Presence of the Goddess Within

Images: Color

Through New Eyes

Inspiration: Mid-Life Crisis
Healing: Increase Knowledge and Appreciation of Personal Femininity

Images: Color and Toned

Rhythms of Life - Series 1

Pregnancy and Infant

Images: Sepia


Live Demonstration for the
Professional Photographer's Society
of Greater Washington April 1st, 2002

Images: Color